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Twi][Step - version: 10\10X
(black edition)

Description: Desktop Panel.
TWI][STEP version: 10\10X is a fast, useful digital panel with black color skin. Theme pack include lvolume v 2.8 plugin, winAmp controls, system utilities, 2 command lines. Wallpaper included.  Theme also has Storage viewer, clipboard viewer. System uses both right and left clicks for operation.
leftclick at any button-main options, rightclick-advanced options.
Theme has background task pane (like tray), twinstep taskbar (like winTaskbar).
TwinStep panel - U can move it free or snap to the bottom or Top.

What`s new in 1010x build:

Added startup screen
added new colour theme
added new wallpapers
added black mode (see official site)
fixed local browser bug
modified clrt graphics
fixed buggy special tune mode
disabled access to st mode by default
deleted 2 buggy color themes

Download theme (527 kb)



2006 >>> Twi][step 10/10X Black Edition now U can download it!

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